Always ASK – before doing a job, providing a service or delivering a product, spend time in the ‘discovery process’ ask questions. Your questions though should be probing to learn and rhetorical to pursue closing the deal. If you were in the janitorial business, would you like your office (or home) looking and smelling brand new at every cleaning, or dentist, would you like a bright long lasting pain free value smile? These and similar questions probe to the needs of the customer and leads them mostly to say yes, if not yes, then a modification of what you’ve asked, but rarely ever NO. If you ask a yes / no question, most often, even if it seems obvious that it should be yes, it will be no, as people tend towards the easy or least effort required option that involves them, therefore NO. Don’t ask yes / no questions but always ask that which leads to possibly more and certainly more learning, how can I serve you today?